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Ms. Switzer is a talented teacher of JQS's only true integrated class of typically developing and physically challenged children.  Through her wise and gentle guidance, and along with several well-trained support staff, children between the ages of 3 and 5 learn to prepare themselves for an exciting life as JQS students.  

In addition to their ABCs, children in Ms. Switzer's Integrated Kindergarten class learn one of life's most important lessons in diversity, that we all have strengths and weaknesses as humans.  Basic readiness skills, such as preparing themselves for activities, listening politely, cooperating and lining up to enter & exit the classroom provide wonderful examples as they see their friend in a wheel-chair succeed at lining up more efficiently than their friend without, or their friend with crutches learns to walk without, while her friend with strong legs learns to slow down and walk in the school hallways.

From Fabian Gonzalez’s ‘ABC Superheroes’

More about this amazing teacher coming soon!